Meeting Time:

Every Thursday, 6:30 - 8:15pm, meeting starts promptly at 7pm. Below is a sample agenda.

June 20, 2002 Meeting Agenda
Theme - “Money Matters

07:00 CALL TO ORDER …Tae Lee

07:01 WELCOME…
Ellen Damaso

Ming Fei  

07:05 TOASTMASTER of the day…Harold Burman  Helpers:“Ah” Counter/Posture Bell…Danny Kim Grammarian…Alice Wong Timer/Vote Counter…Phung TranJoke Master…Harold Burman 

“An Unforgettable Trip”…Han Xing Shi(Basic Manual # 1 “The Ice Breaker”)Time: Green=4 min, Yellow=5 min, Red=6 min                 “Comfort in the Uncomfortable”…Ellen Damaso(Basic Manual # 2Speak with Sincerity”)Time: Green=4 min, Yellow=5 min, Red=6 min Vote for “Best Speaker”/Collects ballots Timer’s report 

“Educational Topic”…Debra Pickral


07:40 TABLE TOPICS MASTER…Alice Wong  Green=1 min, Yellow=1:30 min, Red=2 minTimer’s report  Vote for “Best Table Topics Master”/Collects ballots

07:50 GENERAL EVALUATOR…Frank Fu Evaluating First Speaker’s speech…Sheree TsaiEvaluating Second Speaker’s speech… Debra PickralTime: Green=2 min, Yellow=2.5 min, Red=3 minTimer’s report…Phung Tran “Ah” Counter/Posture Bell’s report…Danny Kim Grammarian’s report…Alice Wong

08:05 TOASTMASTER of the day…Harold Burman

08:10 CLUB BUSINESS… Ellen Damaso Next meeting assignments’ review;  

08:15 ADJOURNMENT  Note:  Any special notes or comments for that day’s meeting.

Word of the Day … “prudent”, adjective
1. Decision marked by wisdom or judiciousness

2. Shrewd in the management of practical affairs

3. Carefully considering consequences and to act accordingly.
Example: It is prudent to allocate funds for children's future education. OR It is a prudent practice to understand where one’s money is being spent.
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